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Employees can participate in HMO, PPO which is covered by Insurance Company.


Administered by Insurance Company.


Employees can have access to Knowledge-sharing-program in which they are put in contact with other experienced employees in their respective fields.


Employees can take vacations at their own convenient time and length.


Silicon Staff reimburses for most of the before tax expenses incurred by our employees on their job assignments.


Silicon Staff sponsor qualified candidates for Permanent Residency process for interested employees.


Silicon Staff has its rational in providing training on cutting edge technologies to empower employees and enhance their capabilities, competencies, competitiveness and performance. Apart from honing our employee’s technical skills, we also focus on improving their communication and managerial skills.

Our Training Centers are manned by professional instructors who are equipped to impart training that goes beyond the bare minimum. The trainees will be taught skills ranging from Project Management to streamlining processes, controlling projects and maintaining discipline on budgetary and time deadlines.

Our primary Instructors and our staff review and update course content by drawing on their own experience and keeping their eyes and ears open to developments in the market. The trainees are given a hands-on experience, as near to real-time work environment as possible.

The latest technology and presentation tools

Availability of the Instructors long after the training

Lessons in adapting to innovative technology

Knowledge Transfer

Onsite Seminars and Workshops


I believe, in everyone’s life there is a point where individual have to make crucial decisions with respect to their career, I was one of them. I could say without any doubt that Silicon Staff IT Services is the best company to work with, Most reliable in an IT industry, and Trustworthy at first place. According to me Silicon Staff IT Services is beyond a staffing company. Kudos to the administration, and management for their continuous support, especially their “Marketing Team”. I would definitely rate them 10 on 10. Highly recommended!!!

Dhaval Raju,  Middleware Adminstrator

I’ve been working with Silicon Staff IT Services from 5 years and this is the first company that I have worked for that meets all my criteria for a well-balanced company. It provides an excellent work-life balance as well as growth in my professional career. I like their recruitment process as they will find a job which meets your requirement in very short time. Finally, I would like mention about the Management of the Silicon Staff IT Services. They take care of their employees very well in all perspectives and they never delay employee salaries which is very important along with the work.

Nikhil Kotagiri,  APM Monitoring Analyst

Silicon Staff IT Services has an excellent record of maintaining good relationship with vendors and clients. Employee needs are taken care of, very friendly staff. I'm happy to be associated with Silicon Staff IT Services for past 5 years. I'll be more than happy to refer my friends to join Silicon Staff IT Services.

Avinash Cipalli,  Java Developer

I have been closely associated with the staff at Silicon Staff IT Services, I was amazed by the way they care of their "employees". Silicon Staff IT Services has a very strong marketing team in middle-ware technologies, which allows the employee to find the desired job in no time. I have been associated with Silicon Staff IT Services for the past few years during which I never sat on the bench for more than a week. I really appreciate the way the organization is functioning and I would strongly recommend IT professionals to join Silicon Staff IT Services to fulfill their dreams of building an excellent career in IT field.

Gopi Chandra,  Jboss Adminstrator

I have been working with silicon staff IT services, Inc from last 5 years, The staff was amazing they have been extremely professional and helpful through out my recruitment. Employees are not forgotten after the placement, but reminded by Silicon Staff IT Services that they matter. I evolved so much technically and professional being part of Silicon Staff IT services.

Praveen Gosala,  Middleware System Engineer

Working with Silicon Staff IT Services has been a good experience and glad I went with Silicon Staff IT Services when I first started as a IT Consultant that turned out to be a good move. I like Silicon Staff IT Services as a company mainly the marketing team working there are diligent and very attentive and aggressive in their efforts to find people projects quickly and good ones. Staff responds to the queries quickly and Top Level are friendly and responds to your questions in quick time with all the required information. One more positive has been timely pay and dealing the contract details, keeping things simple and transparent has been Silicon Staff IT Services motto. Over all its been a pleasant experience working with Silicon Staff IT Services and would definitely recommend this company to my friends in the IT field.

Venu Thangalapally,  Websphere Administrator

Silicon Staff IT Services is one among the top consulting firms where-in you can full-fill your career goals.I am working with Silicon Staff IT Services for the last 5+ years and never had any issues with them in any aspect. Their marketing and management skills are extremely good. And YES "They Do It Right" by providing their employees on what they need to achieve their goals. I definitely recommend Silicon Staff IT Services if you are looking for good consulting firm.

Srikanth Maradapudi,  Sr. APM Monitoring Analyst

I couldn't be more pleased with the service, responsiveness and quality I received from everyone at Silicon Staff IT Services. The talented staff quickly responds to my many questions, requests and minor concerns. I'm not the type to give testimonials, but I truly have profited from their services and will happily refer friends to them.

Aditya Nair,  Security Analyst

Silicon Staff IT Services has efficient marketing and training departments. A very friendly and reliable staff and with approachable management and help from peers make Silicon Staff IT Services a unique place to work. Payrolls are never delayed. Immigration issues are always dealt with utmost priority and by good lawyers. Timely help from higher management makes the company more reliable. Employees are always treated with fair respect.

Keerthi Javvadi,  Websphere Administrator

I'd rate my experience with Silicon Staff IT services as the best in the last few years. My marketing recruiter is awesome and other recruiters at Silicon Staff IT Services locations for other assignments, did an excellent job. In an extremely depressed economy, there was a market difference in the number of opportunity presented by Silicon Staff IT Services versus other sources. They keep in contact, makes sure everything is going smoothly, and answers any questions promptly. I really enjoy working with them.

Vamsi Kotha,  Websphere Administrator

Marketing: One of the core strengths of SiliconStaff IT services is it marketing strategy and I was immensely pleased with the way things are moving forward an I hope to this will continue moving forward and grow into much more wider using all networking tools available and strengthen the roots of SSIT. Support Staff: One of the best support teams I ever seen as they are available in all possible communications. Keep up the good work and I thank you for being considerate. Technology: Silicon staff is motivated to be one of the best Security consulting providers in the market as of now. But as technology keeps creeping and advanced.. we need to focus more on cloud supportability as markets tends to fluctuate in near future down the line. Management: Easy to work with management and they are available conveniently anytime. Honest people which brings right content to the table at right time. All the best and I wish SSIT to be growing much more bigger and stronger than ever.

Srikanth Pallabothu,  IAM Engineer

I have been woking with the Company for about 5 years now. A well reputed company with core values and good business ethics. No payment issues. Friendly and efficient staff who are ready to help anytime. Would surely recommend this company.

Ajay Kumar Ganipisetty,  Computer Systems Analyst

I like the Vision and Transparency of this company. Great company to work with.

Aditya Kakumanu,  Middleware Engineer

I feel very comfortable working with SSIT, its been 3 years. The staff is co-operative, supportive and very quick in response for any kind of issues professionally as well as personally. They are prompt in Placements and payments

Supreetha Thedlapally,  WebSphere Admin

The service Silicon Staff IT Services provides is of top quality – from initial request for resources and proposal to the execution of the activity and placement. They are active listeners understanding our unique requirements, able to improvise and get you what you want when requested. Silicon Staff has a memorable experience in the IT, Middleware Industry. “Silicon Staff was fun, relevant – and yes, perfect!"

Romin Patel,  Middleware Security

I am so pleased with all the services Silicon Staff offers for its employees. They take care of every employee with utmost care and promptly address their concerns. Training and Marketing are excellent and you will receive your salary very very promptly. Management will always be there to hear your issues and address them with the best available resources. I am more than happy with my decision to go with Silicon Staff and I would happily refer SSIT to anyone.

Rajesh Uppala,  Middleware Security

Working with SSIT was a smooth ride. I got the best training there is which helped me to confidently take on the job. SSIT is punctual in terms of salary and any promises they make. It was a true pleasure being a part of the SSIT family. I would highly recommend it and vouch for the quality experience.

Samanvita Gnanesh,  JBOSS Administrator