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As an overseas / US IT / ITeS organization, you may have diverse staffing needs from time-to-time. Sometimes, you may not be in a position to envisage your future demands too. Don’t worry, we are there for you to analyze your previous, current and future requirements.

When it comes to a Job / Talent requirement, positional skills, roles & responsibilities may vary according to your client servicing, solution delivery and support mandate. We take all these details and factors into consideration and do a thorough analysis of your Talent requirements.


As each client’s requirements are unique, we come up with distinctive search criteria and strategy to find the most suitable profiles and resources.

The Talent Search may include the following:

  • Search In In-House Databases
  • Search In Portals
  • Search In Referral Networks
  • Social Media Profile Search
  • Passive Resource Search Using the right blend of Talent Search processes

Using the right blend of Talent Search processes, we prepare probable list of profiles and share the same with clients for further approvals


In the entire process of Talent Management, we employ advanced documentation tools, project management systems and feedback mechanisms. Our team of recruiting professionals has rich real-time experience in this domain. Thus, we ensure to make the process more professional, fruitful and result-oriented.

We put apt systems and processes in place to even make your future needs are well addressed with our services. As part of the process, we get approvals from the clients on probable list of candidates.


As part of this process, we help the clients in conducting Technical Tests, Subject Oriented Examinations, Aptitude and Attitude Screenings. We have a large pool of Subject Matter Experts who can provide their services in the assessment of resources to test them according to their qualifications, skills, competencies, roles and responsibilities.

Best of the Best resources will be selected as part of these tests and we do background verifications, etc. which are mandatory and vary from client-to-client.

Thus, this phase result in preparing the final list of candidates / resources who are ready to join the clients within the stipulated notice period.


As part of this phase of Talent Management, the actual on-boarding process will be done. We can also help clients in organizing customized training for their newly joined employees.