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Silicon Staff is developing a web based electronic travel management application to manage online travel booking with automated expense reporting.The application will streamline meeting management and optimize the process of managing vendor payments, employee check requests and direct reimbursements . Organizations of all sizes can use this application to help control eliminate paper and optimize supplier relations. In addition,the tool will help clients to streamline business processes, reduce operating costs, improve internal controls and provide an enhanced ability to perform actionable expense analysis.

This tool eliminates the traditional expense report by automatically reconciling what was booked with what was actually spent, putting organization in complete control. This tool does more than just combine travel booking and expense reporting into one integrated end-to-end process.

Travel Management (TRAMP) accompanies all the processes involved in handling trips. It provides integrated functions and links these to taxation and payment processes. Travel management covers the request, planning and booking of trips, as well as the settlement of travel expenses and the transfer of settlement results to other business function areas.